De Gea or Courtois?

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I have had Courtois for last 40-50 games and he has done good. Is De Gea worth an upgrade?
De Gea is approx. 180,000-190,000
Courtois - 80,000-90,000

I would have to sell courtois to buy ddg.


  • IamZlatan10
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    I did the exact upgrade last night, he pulls off some cracking saves one handed and moves about quicker! Still deciding wether it’s worth the extra 104k I paid though....
  • the_boss_gurveer
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    edited October 2017
    I sold him after having him for a few games.
    Didn't feel much difference than Courtois. plus I sold him for 30K profit.
    One game, I had 17 shots 13 on target and other guy had 7 shots 4 on target. I had 55 percent possession and 90% passing accuracy.
    I still lost 4-2.
    De gea shouldve stopped all of those shots.
    I sold ddg and zlatan for lukaku. Might buy zlatan again when I have enough coins.
    about 50k short of that.
  • the_boss_gurveer
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    Other guy had Begovic and he made amazing saves
  • Reade_A
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    Have you seriouslly asked this question. De gea all day
  • W77
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    the **** De gae saved for me I think only god can do !
  • R17
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    I have both De Gea and Courtois. De Gea tradable and Courtois untradable. Do I downgrade to Courtois and sell De Gea to get Lukaku? Or keep trading because De Gea is worth keeping?
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