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    Appreciate the feedback Ohma, sounds really promising. There are typically a few areas you can exploit when attacking which suck but to be honest, I choose just not to use them if they are egregious. The biggest issue last year was that the AI on legendary could not string enough possession together when they have the ball and exploit your mistakes. Id win 10 out of 10 games by a couple of goals to zero. The AI would try killer passes too soon and would never come off. Some times just gifting the ball back to you.

    If youre sayiung the AI is more ruthless, thats massively encouraging.!

    In FIFA 17, when you played a season on Legendary, what was the league table like at the end of the season in terms of W/D/L?

    Fifa 17 was the fist version of Fifa that I didnt complete a full season. I got through 20 games in one season completely unbeaten before trying full manual, messing with sliders and basically getting very annoyed. I packed it in after the second update and played FM all year.

    Getting game today and am hopeful for sure.

    I have exactly the same problem.

    For the first year, i'm not sure if i'll be buying Fifa because legendary is too easy. I have Fifa 17, but played it just a few times and didn't even start a carrer. For me, there was no challenge in the game.

    I love to play Carrer Mode, not Ultimate. So, if this problem persists, there's no reason to buy 2018 version. I've tried PES 2018 demo, but felt it was even easier. And i had bad impressions of FIFA 18 demo.

    If you've already played the full version, could you tell me your impressions about legendary? Is CPU able to score at least one goal per game? hahahaha

    Thank you!

    Can confirm, same as last year. Up to you but might want to wait for an update and more feedback.

    Nothing different from what I've imagined after playing the demo. Unfortunately, i don't think it will be fixed, or they would have already done it.

    This is the first year that i won't be buying any soccer game. I prefer giving preference to games that really care about their fans.
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    I am now starting to get the major weaknesses with the AI. It took a little longer than in Fifa 17 but now it´s just too obvious. Going on the flanks have been my way of scoring pretty much whenever I want in previous Fifa´s.

    Now I just pass the forward or an offensive midfielder between the AI midfielders and defenders, then shot from 15-20 meters. The more I try it the easier it gets.

    Although I used to concede goals when I am giving away the ball in dangerous positions, that is pretty much non-existent now since I have gotten used to passing the ball around, and it just feels too comfortable holding possession. I am bored. And as long as I keep the ball the AI can´t punish me, no matter how great at attacking it is.

    I feel too comfortable to continue playing this game. Every god damn year!

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    I love how the new patch makes semi-pro and amateur easier (release note: "Tuned down the difficulty for Amateur and Semi-Pro difficulties") but no efforts to make the game harder on Legendary for example.

    It proves two points:

    1. This game´s fan base are mostly 12 y olds, not fans who prefer a simulation feel.
    2. (and this is the most important one). There are people who have complained that the game is too difficult on Semi-Pro and Amateur (!!) and EA has responded to that by lowering their difficulty level. It leaves me with this:

    This forum has been bombarded with tons of complaints that the game is too easy on Legendary, numerous threads created around this issue, and yet EA does not respond by increasing the difficulty level with a Patch. Or not adding Ultimate difficulty to Career mode. It´s a joke.

    I am talking pure AI improvements, not some sliders BS.
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    Honestly, I'm not the best when it comes to playing online. I win some and lose some. But honestly, I believe Ea should introduce Ultimate Difficulty in Career Mode. Ive been playing on legendary since FiFa 16. In my current Career, I'm managing Bournemouth, I'm top of the table, top scorer is Darren Mattocks. Only conceded 4 goals, those were games where I rested my 1st team because of cup duties. If anyone here says that Legendary gives them a challenge, then honestly, your not that good.
  • I would play career mode if the ultimate difficulty came out. I have to turn the cpu settings right up on legendary just to have a close game and it’s not realistic, career mode needs a harder difficulty than legendary
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    Yes legendary is to easy. Please add The difficulty "ultimativ" offline. Many Players Who Play only The Carrer Mode Play FIFA 18 Not Even more because it is Not a challenge. Somit Makes no more fun!
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