Trolls and bullies on the forum

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I'm just wondering why trolling and bulling is allowed on the forums.

We see countless "git gud" messages that provide nothing constructive, just derails the discussion.
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Why is this even being tolerated? I've noticed that some threads are cleaned by some @Ea_ guys, but I don't think that is enough, you must clean this forum so this troll are the exception, not the norm we see each day...
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    Hi @SergiuLive

    I've edited your post as naming and shaming isn't allowed within posts.

    One thing is for sure - we want trolls to be the exception. You'll always have them on a forum but if we can reduce that then that's our aim.

    Bullying and trolling isn't tolerated and with the new Community Forum Team now up and running we want to take a look into moderation further. We've changed some things on the back end to help with that and the next thing will be to get the report button working again so you can easily flag posts to us that don't belong on the forum.

    Thanks for the feedback, we'll continue to work on this.
  • SergiuLive
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    I was not naming and shaming the guy. I was just quoting a public message that everybody can see.
    If there is shaming is by the one who wrote it.

    Or if you want I'm shaming you because you allow that kind of messages on the forum.

    Anyway I'm glad you are working on it but at least tell me that all the messages edited by the @EA_ guys had a warning attached.
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