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Hey everyone,

You may have already seen a few posts from myself and EA_Aidan in the past couple of days.

We wanted to make a more formal post to let you know that we’re part of the EA Community Forum Team and going forward you’ll start to see more of us on the FIFA Forums.

Who are we?

The Community Forum team is now working on all EA Forums, with specialists in each section. Our team works in seven different languages (and counting).

You may see other members of the team posting from time to time but it will mostly be myself and Aidan that will be around.

We also have some EA moderators that are looking at keeping the forums a fun and safe place to visit. You’ll notice them because they’ll have “EA” in front of their names. Don’t panic though, the volunteer moderators that have been helping keep this place in good shape for a number of years are still here and we’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with them.

Are we FIFA Community Managers?

The Community Manager will sit with the development team in the studio. We’re not based in the studio itself but will have constant communication with the team.

We’re here to look after the Community on the Forums.

The forum side could be anything from creating a post about a change, posting patch notes or generally just interacting with you on the latest transfer rumour post.

Some of the things we do will be behind the scenes and things we can’t share but we’ll do our best to make sure we’re interacting with you as much as we can.

If you see us around don’t be afraid to say hi, you can come discuss this announcement here as well.

We’re looking forward to being here.

- Andy -
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