Serie A squad builders/experts - upgrade options help please

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I play either 4231 or 4312, and I use a full 20 man rotatable squad (plus 3 subs, but not worried about them).

Currently in 4312, I use 88 Immobile or 88 Icardi LStr, 85 Diao or 84 Muriel RStr with 87 Gomez or 87 Perisic at CAM.

In 4231 I use Immobile/Icardi at striker, while the others drop to LCam and RCam. CCam is either 87 Hamsik or 85 Brozovic.

After rubbish in my saved packs, and selling what I can I have an upgrade budget of 200k. I also have any coins I raise though sales, but they are already factored in with the figures below.

Please dont suggest any other changes, as I have other players you'd probably recommend (unless there obscure ones - then feel free).

You can recommend as few, or as many as you like as long as the total doesnt exceed that 200k budget (with the exceptions Ive listed). Its not necessarily about the single biggest improvement, but the best squad improvement with the coins. That doesnt mean the best squad improvement ISNT a single player though (bear in mind each player bar CBs only plays every other game - CBs rotate 1 from 3 per game - my 3rd CB being 87 Koulibaly).


Straight Upgrades:

1. 88 Hamsik replacing my 87. Cost 55k
2. 89 Icardi replacing my 88. Cost 45k

Straight Replacements:

3. 84 Abate replacing my NIF Peres. Cost 55k
4. Replace EITHER IF Tonelli or Mov Barzagli with 88 Bonucci. Cost 60k
5. Replace the same with 89 Bonucci. Cost 90k
6. Replace the same with 89 Chielini. Cost 80k
7. Replace the same with 90 Chielini. Cost 125k
8. Replace 88 Immobile with 94 Higuain. Cost 180k
9. Replace the same with 93 Higuain. Cost 110k
10. Replace Icardi with 94 Higuain. Cost 200k
11. Replace Icardi with 93 Higuain. Cost 130k
12. Replace 86 Consigli with IF Handanovic. Cost 55k

Other possibles:

13. Bring in 94 Higuain for BOTH 85 Diao and Muriel - meaning one striker from 3 (Higi/Icardi/Immobile) is rotated every game. Cost 155k

14. Same again but for 93 Higuain. Cost 85k

15. Replace Muriel with 88 Mertens (play at CAM, moving Gomez to striker). Cost 220. Achievable after the weekend.

16. Replace Muriel with 89 Mertens. Cost 270k. Achievable in 7-10 days.

17. Replace Muriel with 88 Dybala. Cost 250k. Achievable at some point in the next week

As you can see, there are quie a few options, and among them a lot of different possible combinations of upgrades for the money - hence my confusion and request for help. So - hit me.
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