Are you ever gonna fix this damned attack mode ?!!!?

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No chances to win !!! I have to face 95 rating players !!! Are **** kidding me ?!!?
Idiots.. screw you !!!


  • Ran
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    Exactly my experience as well. I am 84/85/92 with not reus or griezmann (best attacker is icardi 95) and have to face all those reus+griezmann of the world. Pretty frustrating, my players cannot even stop a ball without a defender from the other end of the field taking away the ball.
    Be sure I am not going to invest another cent into this game, if that isn't changed for the better.
  • DJJerome1976
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    I have no idea why EA felt the need to modify the difficulty of attack mode. They took was an okay game mode and made it terrible in every possible way. I've made it to FIFA champion every season simply by trying to be better at gameplay. However, I no longer enjoy the journey. I don't spend money on the game and never will, but I know people who spend hundreds on it and still they don't get anywhere near FIFA champ. A few have quit the game, and I'm sure there will be more to follow. All we ask is to make it fair for everyone, whether you pay or not!
  • marveen
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    Actually, in my opinion - EA tried to apply real life condition in game.

    Just imagine that 95+ ovr is Barcelona, 90+ is Everton, 85+ is Mansfield town. In real life when Mansfield faces Barcelona, there no way they can easily dominate the play and win the games all the time, maybe can snatch goals, and rarely win, but dominating the game all the time ... no.

    So making the much lower ovr have hard times agains higher ovr team, is quite acceptable logic. And higher ovr team will have easier match agains lower ovr also is acceptable logic.

    If fifa champion is Premier league, Legenday I is Championship, and then the lower rank is EFL ... if a team that actually only has a ability of a Mansfield or Barnet or Northampton want to reach Premier league, well make sure their team is good enough first. Same like in attack mode, ppl are expecting that can reach champion by beating tons of higher ovr player with their just so-so squad, sounds like a EFL team wishing that they can be in premier league by beating chelsea all the time with their current squad ... logic ?

    Since ovr now is important part in game logic, EA also tried to be fair ... hi ovr player = better play. No more Antonio will make u better than someone with coleman 90+, or 84 Ciman will make your defence better than Fazio 99. A ferrari still needs to run faster than a Daewoo right ? Or maybe you think that the world will be better if u see a Daewoo city car beats Ferrari F50 ? C'mon ... once again ... where's the logic ?

    I've reached FIFA champion with 92 ovr starting eleven, and 8 from 11 my starters are free players from achievement or plans like Mata, Rose, Perrin, Courtois, Casemiro ... and when i reach champion, i was at rank 11k+, that means ... there're more than 10k ppl that reached champion beofre me.

    Question : If still so many ppl reached champion before the deadline, while u can't ... the problem is .. the system is the one that wrong, or actually u are the one that not good enough ?

    These all i can share, pls CMIIW ... thank ...
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