Banned from ALL EA Games (HELP)


I've been banned for what I think might be transferring coins from my draft account to my main account. I got extremely lucky and made a couple hundred thousand coins on my draft account when I pulled a Neuer, Orange thiago and IF Mane. There was no point in me keeping a couple hundred thousand coins on an account that that I only used for draft, I did even bother with building an squad on that account so my squad rating was like 70 maybe? So I transferred my coins over through the market and thought that was ok because I wasnt using a third party website or something similar to illegally obtain coins. And within a couple days, I was banned. There was no warning and immediately I got banned from ALL EA games. I still dont think what I did was wrong since the whole game is based on transferring coins from one account to another. When someone buys a player, it is the same transaction of transferring coins from one account to another in exchange for that player. But I am willing to accept that I "broke" one of the EA TOS. Ive played for more than 3 years, and Ive spent so long trying to build my team from the ground up. I've never bought coins or sold coins and Im just trying to get my account back. I'm level 60 and Ive spent so long and shed blood and tears into this game. I dont care if you take away all my coins, just give me my account back, I just wanna play FIFA and Chill.


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