Can't Connect To EA Servers

I tried to play some FIFA 17 on my XBOX 360 and i couldn't connect to the EA Sports servers,so I went on their site and searched "Cannot Connect To EA Sports Servers".
I tried every method but nothing actually worked.
Please FIFA 17 is my favourite game and I enjoy playing,so I need help.
Please tell me what to do down below.
Thank You


  • blackerLVP
    262 posts Sunday League Hero
    When happened to me I have also tried every method and contacted them and my internet provider but nothing would work. the problem comes from the FIFA game, what i do everytime this happens, once a month, i put in my Battlefield 3 or 4 multiplayer CD and log in on the EA servers with that game, that game has an option to sign in on the servers and link your gamertag with the xbox profile, FIFA doesn't have that option this is why no method works when you can not log in on the servers. Try this with any other online game from EA you have.

    For me works everytime.
  • Thank You very much!
    It Worked!
    Now I can finally enjoy the game!
  • blackerLVP
    262 posts Sunday League Hero
    enjoy it!
  • suraj_1
    693 posts Sunday League Hero
    Well done
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