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Hi, I'm the admin of a league (FIFA POWER 16/17) since december when the founder made me admin before to stop playing.
He doesn't play since december, I tryied ti conctact him in Facebook but he never logged in since december (I don't know what what happened to him).
I kept Active the league in this months but now I Need to add another admin to help me but only founder Can add admin.
Someone Can help me?
The league is FIFA POWER 16/17, I'm Tabu and the founder is MolossoRN.
EA support said me to ask here for the problem.
Hope some developer read this .

Thanks to all


  • Tabu
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    None Can help me?
  • Polionus
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    You should go to the customer service. You can access it from the setting page. Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the main page.
    If it doesn't work out, join another league like mine (OMG) and I'll make you admin. We're active (rank: 18 552) and have tournaments every day. So we keep go up quite fast. What is more, we're close to Mata (only 40k goals).
  • Tabu
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    Thanks polionus but I have already contacted them... They said "ask in fifaforum, there some developer may read, we cannot do anything'.
    So.. Hope someone who Can do something read this..

    PS. Thanks for the invite polionus but we already got Mata and Pirlo and we are in the top 1200 ;)
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