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In this thread you will find the latest news from the FUT Community. It might not be as good and detailed as @LT 's thread from last year, but I'll do my best to update it as much as possible.
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JUL '16
08/07/2016 | zramHyU.png European Team of the Tournament available today from 6PM UK Cm2QfZOW8AA3Lak.jpg:large

07/07/2016 | zramHyU.png iMOTM Griezmann out CmzCe1wUEAEKWjz.jpg:large

06/07/2016 | zramHyU.png iMOTM Ronaldo in packs for 24 hours Cmt45ymWYAAChJv.jpg:large

06/07/2016 | M4X7k0B.png TOTW 43 out Cmr9TnAWcAAOumR.jpg:large

05/07/2016 | M4X7k0B.png Who do you want on the FIFA17 cover? Vote NOW CmnjxYFWIAEiNU5.jpg:large

05/07/2016 | zramHyU.png iMOTM Neuer, Pepe, Ramsey & Giroud out now CmjltWdW8AA9lUj.jpg:large

01/07/2016 | zramHyU.png Classic European International Heroes out now! ?c=1&
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