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It's the time of the year for friendly, calm discussions about which players were the best this season but never got an in-form. Also the occasional comment about Cattermole.

The teams are decided by you, the community, by way of discussion. This is NOT a vote. Each thread has a community member leading it, ultimately responsible for deciding the team.

Here is how to participate:

Discussion thread: http://fifaforums.easports.com/en/discussion/1126/gold-most-consistent-but-never-if-tots/p1

Silver MC TOTS
Discussion thread: http://fifaforums.easports.com/en/discussion/1118/silver-most-consistent-but-never-if-tots-final-team/p1

Bronze MC TOTS
Discussion thread: http://fifaforums.easports.com/en/discussion/1111/bronze-most-r-if-tots-final/p1

Each team must follow the rules below:
  • 23 Players (Starting XI, Subs, Reserves)
  • Most consistent but not previously IF
  • Need at least 6 English league players, 2 French, 2 German, 2 Italian, 2 Spanish
  • Rest of player selection is open (would be nice to have Scottish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, etc… represented)
  • Ratings are not required. They will be done by EA.

The ‘Song Rule’
Any players selected for the Community TOTS may also be selected for the appropriate league TOTS. If this happens, we will re-release the player during the appropriate week.

The deadline is 22nd April
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